New Publication from Dr. Metcalfe – Repeat Photography and Educational Research

Amy Metcalfe

Dr. Amy Metcalfe
Department of Educational Studies

About the book: Have you noticed there is a burgeoning take up of visual research in education? Are you considering using visual research as part of your next research project or revitalising your research methods course? For researchers who are new to the field of VRMs in education there is little critical literature on the subject. This book addresses the gap in the literature and brings together some of the leading educational researchers engaging and reflecting on the visual from Australia, the UK and Canada. Encapsulated in a single volume, this book sets out theoretically grounded discussions of the possibilities and challenges of the approach for educational researchers around four key themes: images of schooling, performing pedagogy, power and representation and ethical issues in educational research.

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Metcalfe, A. S. (2016). Repeat photography and educational research. In J. Moss & B. Pini (Eds.), Visual methods in educational research, pp. 153-171. London: Palgrave.

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