New Publication from Dr. Nicol – Considering Place for Connecting Mathematics Community, and Culture

Dr. Cynthia Nicol
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy

About the Chapter: Our work involves considerations of both culture and place, and how these concepts are commonly understood and experienced.[….] As members of cultural groups we are shaped by the places in which we live. Living culturally in place means that we develop connections to place over time no matter if that place is an island, the sub-Saharan dessert, a mountaintop, the ocean beach, or a school classroom. Living in diverse places necessitates cultural diversity. Education that is responsive to such diversity recognizes the geographical, historical, and biological diversities of place and culture.


Nicol, C., Yovanovich, J. & Gear, A. (2016). Considering Place for Connecting Mathematics Community, and Culture. In A. Anderson, J. Anderson, J. Hare. & M. McTavish (Eds.), Language, learning, and culture in early childhood (pp. 123-141). New York: Routeledge.

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