Research Week – Academic Authorship & Getting Published: A Panel Discussion

Year of Research in Education and Research Week event presented by the Office of Graduate Programs and Research (OGPR) in Collaboration with the Graduate Student Council of the Faculty of Education.

Academic Authorship & Getting Published: A Panel Discussion

Panelists discussed various issues, concerns and questions relating to graduate students and academic publishing.

May 14, 2015

Beth Haverkamp, Associate Dean, OGPR and Professor, ECPS:
Ethical issues relating to authorship & negotiating with your supervisor.

Espen Stranger-Johannessen, PhD Candidate, LLED:
Lessons learned from publishing as a graduate student.

Shawn Forde, PhD Candidate, KIN:
Experience of co-authoring and collaborative publishing with your supervisory committee.

Michelle Yuen Tan, Post-doctoral Fellow, EDCP – Assistant Professor, EDCP beginning in May:
Building a publication track record for an academic career.

Ali A. Adbi , Head and Professor, EDST:
Advising students for publishing for an academic career.