Research Week – Research Methods Workshops

Year of Research in Education and Research Week event presented by the Office of Graduate Programs and Research (OGPR) in Collaboration with the Graduate Student Council of the Faculty of Education.

Research Week Methods Workshops

May 13, 2015

Faculty researchers and graduate students demonstrated how they are using specific methods on current research projects.

Presentations were followed by a question and answer period during which the audience asked how they might apply the same methods to their own research.

George Belliveau, Professor, LLED:
Theatre-based research: Playwriting as knowledge dissemination.

Hsiao-Cheng Sandrine Han,  Assistant Professor, EDCP:
Mixed methods quantitative and qualitative research on virtual worlds.

Deirdre Kelly, Professor; Co-Chair, EdD Management Committee, EDST:
Qualitative interview analysis on sk8er girls at the park and new feminist cultures.

Ling Shi, Professor; Graduate Advisor, LLED:
Students’ academic writing practices: Analysis of students’ texts and what students say about their texts.

Sterrett Mercer, Associate Professor, ECPS:
Curriculum-based assessment and multilevel modeling in evaluating the effectiveness of a persuasive writing intervention in grades 5-7.

Donna Lester-Smith, PhD, Equity and Inclusion Educator, UBC:
Community-based action research in Indigenous Health: Ethnography.

Jude Walker, Assistant Professor, EDST:
Policy sociology and agenda setting as a methodological approach in educational research.

Michelle Stack, Associate Professor; Deputy Head, EDST:
Media analysis of how the media presents education reform as a choice between two extremes.